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Masters in Major Programme Management



By Claire Smith

I enjoy myself almost the entire time in Oxford

Transformation is in the air as we move towards the end of the year. As we learn more about each other, we discover a number of us are in transition. Did we choose the programme because we already knew we wanted change or is the programme the catalyst?

The programme’s message is uncompromising –  too many errors, too much waste , too much promised and too little delivered, so no question change is needed. Bent made that completely clear during this module, and caught us up in his campaign, breaking down any remaining complacency with all those statistics. The atmosphere in the building was as bracing as the winds outside, especially the feedback on our group presentations. All risk of ever boring a prime minister or CEO again was destroyed on the spot in just a few elegant sentences.

I enjoy myself almost the entire time in Oxford.  Ajay’s beautiful photos show us enjoying Oxford, each other’s company, and celebrating.  Back home it is rather different. I have been looking at a lecture slide consisting of an equation no part of which I understand. The next assignment is already upon us. Soon the reading list for the next module will arrive.  We have to read, reflect, choose, think, plan, decide, draft, write, re-write and write again. Come and join us, but be prepared for the transformation.

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