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Masters in Major Programme Management

By Olusegun Olufowobi

A Major Program: A Sound Change

Some dreams you have to let go of only to make way for a realistic dream. Some dreams you hold on to – only to realise it is too late for change. Drawing that fine line between ‘holding on’ and ‘change’ is what makes the choices we make in life the difference between success and failure.

As a kid, I dreamt of being a creative writer. Life took its toll and I abandoned it. I have since tasted the waters of being an accountant, songwriter, and a music producer but I still did not accomplish fulfilment. In fact, my last music project was “Time to shine” ( – for the curious). How ironic – the most significant thing that seemed to be shining in my horizon was a new career path – not in music.

Naïve as this might ‘sound’, Organisation theory has taught me that the life of a major program is not a permanent one. Major risk management puts this into perspective with Nassim Taleb’s enlightenment of the role of black swans. Systems engineering builds on this by imparting the mind-set of the hard and soft paradigm to success.

Sometimes in life the paths you choose may not be crystal clear. At a T junction there is either a left turn or a right turn. The question is – Do you know where you are going? Do you how long it would take you to get there? Do you know what benefits are in store for you? Or whom you might meet along the way?

Evidently a journey will be measured. A destination is to be realised. There are also benefits to be gained at the end of the road. That is the epitome of the major programme at Oxford – it provides the frameworks, the acumen and the network of people to enable major programs to complete as planned, as timed and as promised.

I am extremely glad I have made the change. A sound change!

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