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By Rasha Daibas

New Horizons, New Perspectives

In a major step for the future, I’ll be soon joining the special part-time programme MSc in Major Programme Management of Saïd Business School and one of the most reputable and high ranking universities of the world, University of Oxford.

The challenge is big but the excitement of taking up this challenge is even bigger especially that I have been kindly awarded “The MSc in Major Programme Management Scholarship for Women 2016”. It was a great honour and privilege for me as a woman to receive this generous and prestigious award in the context of such a unique and challenging programme. I take this opportunity to extend my thanks and sincere gratitude to the programme team and the Saïd Business School for providing this great opportunity that encourages female candidates considering a career in this sector and for their belief in the role of women that greater diversity will positively affect the outcomes of a project.

It is an outstanding award that I’m really proud of.

In my work, as one of the very experienced members of the Finance, Contracts & Audit team, I contribute at large to the proper financial management of projects, a financial envelope in aid assistance by the European Union that is considered of importance to the Palestinian local community. When dealing with projects or programmes, as a financial manager, it is often challenging to understand the operational side of the project or the programme. By far this has been going well because it was learning by doing experience over a long time. Now that I have covered a great deal of the financial aspects, I started to think of a more senior level where I can build on the rich experience that I acquired over the years.

It is when I also started to think that an academic programme is needed to enhance my skills and to be updated with the latest developments and practices in the field I was working in. I have been searching for quite some time but when I found out about the programme and read thoroughly through the outline of the programme, I was impressed. It is exactly the programme that will complement my experience, enrich my skills and will shape my career path and enhance my career prospects. It will bring me to the level of seniority I am aiming at.

I found it very interesting in terms of the unique efforts made to bring the management of major programmes to higher standards by combining academic rigour with the practical approach to managing successful large scale complex and transformational projects deliver real and significant value. We live in a very competitive global context where people are more aware of the need to deliver and deliver quality. We are part of this context and each one of us has a responsibility and unique contribution. Our contribution is to make a difference and that’s why I am happy to be part of these efforts.

Needless to mention in detail the benefits this programme will bring to me as an individual and to the organisation I am working in or to any organisation I will be working in the future. Yet I would like to appreciate the flexibility offered by this programme as being part time. It is dual efficiency. First because it was one of the pillars that made me decide to go for this programme, I can learn and work at same time. Second because I can directly apply what I learn and develop within my organisation and bring added value to my work. I must say that now that I have been preparing for Module 1, I find it very interesting and I was amazed of how I already started to look at things in my work in a different way. I could already imagine the significant impact and benefits this unique programme will bring.

As a middle-eastern woman among the few in the field of accounting and finance and as I am working in a multicultural environment, I hope to bring diversity among the classmates of my cohort. As the programme is tailored to involve peer to peer groups and high level of discussions and international networking, this gives the opportunity to share knowledge and exchange experiences. Within this context, I hope to tap on my experience and bring in some cases and insights about the EU experience in the region being one of the lead donors for development programmes.

As a highly motivated person to learn and grow, I look forward to making the most of this amazing opportunity to have Oxford Saïd and University of Oxford as my ‘Alma Matar’ for excellence and advancement. I also look forward to taking part in the different social and sport activities being a sociable and sporty person.

Finally, I’d like to take this moment and extend my gratitude to my first teachers in life, my parents, who as teachers in reality brought us and many generations up with high standard education and morals. Especially mom who cultivated in us the love of learning and diligence. I am all confident that they are proud of me as much as I am proud of them and of myself.

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