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Masters in Major Programme Management



By Claire Smith

Why I studied for a Masters in Major Programme Management

Last week, I quietly update my LinkedIn profile, adding my newly-awarded MSc from Oxford. Looking at other posts, I see that was a very old-fashioned and low-profile approach. Rather than act out of character, let me explain why I studied for a Masters in Major Programme Management.

Recruiters were turning me down for interesting work because I did not have a Masters. Maybe the computer said no, but the effect was the same- you do not pass this point without a Master’s degree in something. There are several options: the first is indignation. Do you know who I am and what I have done? That seemed unprofessional. The second option is the one I chose- you want me to have a Masters, I shall get one. Will Oxford do? Said Business School, just to prove the point? Now of course the computer may tell me I have the wrong shoe size or they really needed someone taller.

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