Radek Jaros


Masters in Major Programme Management


2017 - 19

Radek’s area of specialisation focuses on three pillars: sales and marketing, strategy, programme management. This combination facilitates him a better understanding of business transformation programmes which lead towards strategic change. He has been honing his international experience working with companies from Europe, Asia, and North America. He also spent two years working in Germany. Radek believes that empowering people and team spirit are one of the key elements leading to commercial success and that lifelong learning is vital.

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Posted by: on November 23, 2018

The unique business society of Oxford – professors, consultants, managers,...

The beginning. Where is my comfort zone? It has been one year since I matriculated and officially became an Oxford student. I believe that now is the best time to share at least a small portion of my experience which may be helpful for prospective students or people who are just curious about how the […]

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