Ramez Hanafi


Masters in Major Programme Management




Fintech & Payments



Ramez Hanafi specializes in fintech payments.  Born in Ottawa, Canada, his career started at Bank of America before touring roles across the Middle East.  He currently lives in London and works at Amazon.  He has a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from the University of Manchester.

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Posted by: on February 10, 2022

A Program Manager’s Guide to Understanding and Addressing System Complexity in...

Ask any group of Program Managers the question “What’s the hardest part of launching a major digital payment program?” and you’ll get answers related to complexity. The expectations for the role are changing. Traditionally, Program Managers organise work, document, manage risk, and coordinate stakeholders. Then ask, “What should these leaders be doing?” First, they must […]

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Posted by: on February 17, 2020

Connect the dots

One of my earliest memories of school was being in pre-kindergarten. I must have been four years old? Miss Wheeler. It’s incredible how the mind works. Thinking back, I can still hear the voices of insecurity and feel the panic of a beating heart. The excitement. Wonder. Passion. What’s changed? Is learning any different now? […]

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